Very interesting thought process this morning. The past week has been an experience for sure as I have stepped out in Faith on this entrepreneurial journey. It took a lot of prayer and asking God what he has in store for me. It has also taken A LOT of listening to him and putting action behind it, and to be honest I haven’t been the most obedient. It started with something a lot of us struggle with. We think if only I had this or if only I had that and quite honestly all the STUFF, or Systems or TIME isn’t really what we need. We need to take action… we need to implement what we are learning and take action when we are called by him. We can subscribe to all the newsletters we want. We can buy all the courses and systems we want but if we aren’t going to put those things into action and follow through and follow up then we are not only letting down our potential clients/customers who we could be servicing with our gifts and talents we are letting ourselves down.