I have always loved Fall as a marketing and events junkie it is the time that when I worked in corporate America I was the most busy. I never sit still as you know and with all the fall festivals and events and businesses back in swing after the summer lull I LOVE IT!

This fall is a bit different however as it is my first fall working entirely for ME and the events and happenings I am involved in are decided by you guessed it… ME! I have 3 events actually on the calendar as we speak within the next 8 weeks and am finding more daily to help with in any way I can which leads me to the reason for this email…. MY NEW DIRECTION!

if you follow me on any social media platform I know you have noticed a lot of changes in my and Kendyll’s life lately from our latest crazy adventures (like always) to our newest addition to our family our 3 lb. puppy, Prince Charming and the changes are still taking place when it comes to the evolution of AngieStPierre.com and my business overall.

Last week i did a Facebook LIVE about a recent meeting I had with the amazing Iconic Branding Expert, Cheryl Pullins and how a simple meeting at Panera and a “brain picking session” in exchange for services lead to an “Ah Ha moment” on my part that is honestly still evolving as of the time of me writing this email. During my Branding Session with Cheryl we dove into what I really really LOVE and what people naturally come to me for and the answer was simple… IDEAS. Now, I have been told “Yeah you have lots of ideas… You’re always thinking of something new… or Your so Creative” but I never really thought of it as a service, until NOW (thank you Cheryl) Guys I’m telling you she is amazing at what she does to help you develop your brand. Watch it here

If you are still reading or watched the video and are re-reading this email you will notice I not only speak about my business now focusing on Customized Business Event Strategy but I am also offering Ideation services. The ideation process is exactly as it sounds – you and me creating new fun and exciting ideas for your business. From the initial concept to the implementation of making that idea come to life. This could look like some new email ideas, strategies or systems, a new digital product offering, or even taking an existing program or event and adding some UMPH! I LOVE IT!!

These two services are going to be offered by an APPLICATION PROCESS for several reasons. 1) to make sure I am 100% confident I am able to provide you with ideas around a topic that is in my zone of “genius” if you will and 2) to make sure I am able to have the time you deserve to dedicate to our initial appointment, the prep for the appointment and the follow up if we continue to work together on the implementation of the idea or you choose me to help you with the actual execution of the event.

I am going to be opening the application process up over the next few days but feel free to reply back to this email if you would like to setup a time for a quick chat to see if I would be able to help you.

Sorry for the super long e-mail i promise future ones will be much shorter (or just include a link to a video) 🙂

Don’t Wait for the Opportunity… CREATE IT!